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Stanelco PLC, the RF (radio frequency) applications group announced on 24th March that it has signed a binding contract with ASDA for a 12-month exclusive agreement for the application of the Group's GREENSEAL tray lidding and thermoforming RF technology in the UK and Ireland. Stanelco and ASDA are working together and anticipate that several hundred machines will be adapted to utilise the technology due to the significant benefits it delivers: More
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Tough Frogpack High-Impact resistant packaging debuts in North America: More

Follow this link to hear a recent interview given by Ian Balchin CEO with the WallStreet Reporter
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Tray-lidding & thermoforming
Stanelco has applied its RF sealing platform technology to the welding of recyclable plastic “mono-materials” for tray lidding and thermoforming, specifically in the food packaging area.

This process offers substantial financial benefits to food pack houses, supermarkets and an improved end product for consumers.
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FrogPack is a packaging system that offers superiour strength, impact energy absorbstion within an environmentally beneficial packagee: More
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With superior technology in the industry, delivered systems for a Quick House Sale company changed the way they work!

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Stanelco's philosophy is to provide new products and processes which offer solutions and applications which are greener and more environmentally sustainable than those that they replace.
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